The History, Antiquities, Topography, and Statistics of Eastern India vol. 1, p. 289 (1838)
Behar (Patna City) And Shahabad
Robert Montgomery Martin

The rose, which is cultivated in these gardens, is said to have originally come from Busorah, and at Patna is called by that name; but in Bengal it is called the Patna rose. It does not seem to differ materially from the common red rose of European gardens (Rosa gallica). It is propagated by cuttings in the rainy season. The cuttings are planted in a bed until they take root, and are then placed three or four together in one hole, the holes being from two to three cubits distant. Every two or three years the bushes are pruned. They flower from the middle of February to the middle of May, and must be watered in the dry season. The flowers, which are rather smaller than those in Europe, sell to the distillers at from 1000 to 4000 for the rupee.