Catalogue of Greenhouse Plants, Hardy Trees, Evergreen Shrubs, Etc, pp. 15, 25 (1824)
David and Cuthbert Landreth (Philadelphia)


lucida, evergreen or Cherokee. Carolina.
multiflora, many fIow'd. Japan rose. E. Indies.
indica, Chinese monthly.  
v. pallida, pale Chinese ever-flowering rose.  
v. semper florens, dark Chinese monthly, or Otaheti. E. Indies.
v. sanguinea, splendid crimson monthly rose.  
v. minor, dwarf cluster flowering.  
v. —— scarlet with white centre monthly flowering —
raised from seed by D. & C. L.
odorata, sweet scented, or tea rose.  
bracteata, Lord Macartney's.  


alba, single white. Germany.
v. flore pleno, double white.  
belgica incarnata, blush flowered. Belgic.
burgundiacea, Burgundy. Europe.
centifolia incarnata, blush hundred leaf.
v. Singleton's hundred leaf.
v. Bishop's do. do.
v. Stepney's do. do.
v. garnet do. do.
cinnamoma, single cinnamon.
v. flore pleno, double do.
damascena, damask.
eglanteria, sweet briar.
gallica, rosa mundi  
  double velvet.
  black velvet.
incarnata, maiden's blush.  
  superb blush.  
lutes, single yellow.  
v. flore pleno, double yellow.  
v. bicolour, red and yellow Austrian, red ab. yellow below.  
marmorea, marbled.  
  red hardy monthly.  
  white hardy monthly.  
moschata, double white musk, or cluster rose, flowering till winter.
v. champneii, double pink cluster. Carolina.
noisette, double blush cluster.
pennsylvanica, pl. double Pennsylvanian. Pennsylv.
pimpinellifolia, burnet leaved.  
v. flore pleno, double burnet leaved.
provincialis, Province rose.  
v. capitata, cabbage Province.  
v. prolifera, Childing's Province.  
v. muscosa, moss Province.  
v. unique, unique Province, beautiful.  
regia, great royal.  
sempervirens, evergreen, lucida, or Cherokee Rose. Carolina.
  royal virgin rose.  
  red rose.  
  rose of Sharon.  
  York & Lancaster, white and red.  
multiflora, many flowered, garland rose. China

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