The West Indies: the natural and physical history of the Windward and Leeward Colonies (1837)
Sir Andrew Halliday

Appendix II — Catalogue of Plants, indigenous, naturalized, and cultivated, in the British West India Colonies, by the late James Dottin Maycock, M.D., F.L.S., a Member of His Magesty's Council in Barbados

p. 389  
Austrian Rose Rosa bracteata  [sic]
p. 399  
Macartney Rose Rosa bracteata
p. 393  
Common Everbearing Rose Rosa indica
p. 394  
Dark Chinese Rose Rosa semperflorens
Damask Rose Rosa damascena
Crimson Everbearing Rose Rosa semperflorens
p. 400  
Musk Rose Rosa moschata
p. 405  
Sweet Brier Rose Rosa rubiginosa
Sweet-scented China Rose Rosa chinensis

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