A Catalogue of Greenhouse Plants: Hardy Trees and Shrubs, Herbaceous, etc. (1783)
By Daniel Grimwood

Rosa Rose-tree.
p. 29  
chinensis Chinese Rose-tree.
pp. 58-60  
alba duplex Semidouble-flowered White Rose.
alba plena Double-flowered White Rose.
arvensis variegatif. Striped-leaved White Rose.
belgica Red-flowered Belgic Rose.
belgica incarnata Blush-flowered Belgic Rose.
burgundensis Blush Rose de Meux.
burgund. major Great Blush Rose de Meux.
burgund. humilis Dwarf Bl. or Pompone Burgundy.
burgund. kermesina Crimson Burgundy Rose.
centifolia Hundred-Ieaved Rose.
centif. incarnata Blush Hundred-leaved Rose.
centif. pallide kerm. Singleton's Hundred-leaved Rose.
centif. purpurea Purple Hundred-leaved Rose.
Garnet-coloured Hundred-leaved.
Sultana Hundred-Leaved Rose.
centif. lusitanica Lisbon Hundred-leaved Rose.
centif. stebonensis Stepney Hundred-Ieaved Rose.
cinnamomea Cinnamon Rose.
cinnamomea plena Double-flowered Cinnamon Rose.
damascena plena Double Damask Rose.
damas. incarnata Blush Damask Rose.
damas. versicolor York and Lancaster Rose.
Eglanteria Sweet-briar.
Eglanteria duplex Semidouble Sweet-briar.
Eglanteria plena Double-flowered Sweet-briar.
Egl. sempervirens Evergreen Maiden's Blush Sweet.b.
Eglant. marmorea Marble-flowered Sweet-briar.
Eglanteria rubra Double deep Red-flowered Sweet-b.
francofurtensis Frankfort Rose.
gallica plena Double-flowered Red Rose.
gallica Rosa Mundi Rosa Mundi Rose.
holoserica Single-flowered Velvet Rose.
holoserica plena Double-flowered Velvet Rose.
Rosa Rose-tree.
incarnata Maiden's Blush Rose.
incarnata major Great Maiden's Bl. Or Belladonna.
inermis Thornless Rose.
lutea plena Double-flowered Yellow Rose.
lutea austriaca Yellow Austrian Rose.
lutea bicolor Red and Yellow-flowered Austrian.
marmorea plena Double-flowered Marbled Rose.
menstrua Red-flowered Monthly Rose.
menstrua alba White-flowered Monthly Rose.
menst. portlandica Portland Crimson Monthly Rose.
menst. variegata Striped-flowered Monthly Rose.
menst. corymbosa Red Cluster-flowered Monthly Rose.
(Best for forcing.)
moschata White-flowered Musk Rose.
mochata plena Double White-flowered Musk Rose.
pensylvanica Pensylvanian Rose.
pensylvanica plena Double-flowered Pensylvanian
pimpinellifolia Burnet-leaved Rose.
pimpinellif. plena Double-flowered Burnet-leaved R.
provincialis Double Red Provence Rose.
provin. alba Double White Provence Rose.
provin. atro-rubra Deep Red Provence Rose.
provin. capitata Cabbage Provence Rose.
provin. incarnata Blush or Imperial Provence Rose.
provin. muscosa Moss Provence Rose.
provin. prolifera Childing Provence Rose.
provin. regia Royal Provence Rose.
provin. serotina Late-flowering Provence Rose.
regia Great Royal Rose.
sempervirens Evergreen Rose.
spinosissima White-flowered Scotch Rose.
spinosissima plena Double White-flow. Scotch Rose.
spinos. variegata Striped-flowered Scotch Rose.
villosa Apple-bearing Rose.
villosa plena Double-flowered Apple-bearing R.
virginalis Royal Virgin Rose.

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