A Catalogue of the Plants Growing in Bombay and Its Vicinity (1839) p. 65

John Graham

244. ROSA. L. Icosandria Polygynia

From rhos, red;—Greek, rhodon. The rose;—a favorite flower, celebrated in poetry, from the time of Anacreon, downwards. Gaert, t. 73. Lam. t. 440.

515. R. Damascena. Don's. syst. 2. p. 571.
The Damask rose;—native of Syria, but commonly cultivated in Indian gardens. "I am the rose of Sharon." (Solomon's Song,)

516. R. Microphylla. Don's. syst. 2. p. 581. Bot. Mag. t. 3490.
Small leaved rose; flowers pale red; native of China; common in gardens.

517. R. Indica. Don's. syst 2. p. 581. R. semperflorens. Rox. Flora. 2, p. 514. Bot. Mag, t. 284. and 1762.
The China rose, of which there are several varieties; common in every garden, and in flower all the year. It forms a pretty good edging for garden walks, when neatly kept.

518. R. Sínica. Don's. syst. 2. p. 584. R. triphylla? Rox. Flora, 2. p. 515, Bot. Mag. t. 2847.
Scandent, with ternate leaves.—Dapooree, (Dr. Lush.)

519. R. Multiflora. Don's. syst. 2. p. 583. Bot. Mag. t. 1059.
Bramble flowered rose;—a scandent species, native of China and Japan.—Dapooree. (Dr. Lush.)

520. R, Glandulifera. Rox. Flora. 2. p. 515.
Shewatee Goolab;—white rose;—common in gardens at Belgaum, where it is in flower all the year. (Mr. Law.)

521. R. Rubiginosa. Don's. syst. 2. p. 577. English Botany, t. 991.
Sweet Brier;Eglantine.—In gardens; a delicate plant in India.

"With fairest flowers,
Whilst summer lasts, and I live here, Fidèle,
I'll sweeten thy sad grave; thou shalt not lack
The flower that's like thy face, pale primrose; nor
The azured harebell like thy veins; no, nor
The leaf of Eglantine; whom not to slander,
Outsweetened not thy breath."
Shakespeare, in Cymbeline.

522. R. Canina? Don's. syst. 2. p. 579.
The Dog or wilding Rose "emblem of hope and love."—(Sir W. Scott.) grows on Mount Aboo, in Guzerat. (Mr. Vaupeli.) Can this be identical with R. Leschenaultiana, found on the Neilgherries? The species are distinct, but this is a difficult genus, and from a casual observation, it is possible to confound the two.

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