Catalogue of forest trees, flowering shrubs, plants, flower roots and seeds (1796?)
Gordon, Deermer, Forsyth, and Co.

Hardy Forrest Trees and Shrubs
Lutea Single Yellow Rose
    Var. Bicolor Red and Yellow Austrian Rose
Sulphurea Double Yellow ditto
Blanda Hudson's Bay ditto
Cinamomea Single Cinnamon ditto
    Var. flore pleno Double ditto
Pimpinellifolia Small Burnet leaved ditto
Spinosissima Common Scotch ditto
    Var. varieg. Striped ditto
    Var. fl. Rub. Red ditto
Carolina Great Single Burnet Ieaved ditto
    Var. flore pleno Double ditto
    Var Penselvan. fl. simplice Single Pensylvanian ditto
    Var. flore pleno Double ditto
    Var. Caroliniensis Spreading Carolina ditto
    Var. ditto Stricta Upright ditto
Villosa Single Apple-bearing ditto
    Var. flore pleno Double ditto ditto
Provincialis Common Province ditto
    Var. flore Rub. Red Province ditto
    Var. fl. Carneo Blush Province ditto
    Var. flor. Albo White Province Rote
    Var. De Meaux Great Dwarf Province ditto
    Var. De Meaux Small Dwarf ditto ditto
Centifolia Dutch 100 leaved ditto
    Var. Carnea Blush ditto
    Var. Burgund. Red Burgundy ditto
    Var. Holorac. Simplice Single Velvet ditto
    Var. do. fl. pl. Double ditto
    Var. Sultana Sultana ditto
    Var. Sebtonensis Stepney ditto
Gallica Red officinal ditto
Versicolor Rosa Mundi ditto
Versicolor (varieg.) Marbled Rose
Virginalis Virgin Rose
Damascena Red Damask ditto
    Var. do. Carnea Blush ditto
    Var. Versicolor York and Lancaster
    Var. Mens. Rub. Red Monthly
    Var. Mens. Alb. White ditto
    Var. Belg. Carn. Blush Belgick
    Var. Regal. Maj. Great Royal
Sempervirens Evergreen Rose
Pumila Dwarf Auustrian ditto
Turbinata Frankfort ditto
Rubiginosa Sweet Briar
    Var. do. flore pleno Double ditto
    Var. fl. pl. Muscosa Double Mossy Sweet Briar
    Var. Semper virens Evergreen Sweet Briar
    Var. fl. plen. varieg. Double Marbled ditto
    Var. fl. plen. Rub. Double Red ditto
Muscosa Moss Province ditto
Moschata Single Musk Rose
    Var. flore pleno Double Musk ditto
Alpina Alpine ditto
Pendulina Smooth Weeping ditto
Alba Single White ditto
    Var. fl. pleno Double ditto
    Var. fl. pl. Carn. Small Maidens Blush
    Var. fl. pl. Maj. Carneo Great Maidens Blush
Green House Plants
sinica Chinese rose