A catalogue of forest trees, flowering shrubs and evergreens herbaceous plants, bulbous roots and fruit trees,
also, garden and flower seeds, for sale by Michael Floy, nursery and seedsman, upper end of Broadway, New York (1816) roses pp. 6-8

Rose Moss, very curious $1 00
Do. Moss Province   50
Rose, cabbage province   50
do. red, monthly cluster   50
do. double cinnamon or May rose   50
ROSE, double damask, of fine colour   50
do. Violet or Pluto Rose   25
do. Rosa Mundi   25
do. Maidens Blush   25
do. Royal Virgin   25
do. Single Scotch, very prolific   25
do. double Scotch   50
do. double white cluster musk, flowering till winter   75
do. rose without thorns or thornless rose   25
do. royal, very large and double   37
  Rose de Meaux, small French rose   75
do. Rose de Pompone    75
do. Kingston's Portugal   75
do. Red and Yellow Austrian   75
do. double Yellow   50
do. double Sweet Briar   50
do. double White Province or (Rose Unique,) extremely beautiful $1 00
do. double Burgundy, elegant small rose   50
do. common province   25
do. Stepney Rose   37
York and Lancaster Rose  or Union Rose   37
ROSE, Dutch hundred leaved   37
Gallic Rose   37
Blush Belgick Rose   25
Double Pennsylvanian Rose, flowers till fall   75
Rose, double Apple bearing   50
Rose of Sharon, very beautiful   50
Rosa Semperflorens, dark red   50
do         do.         pale red   50
do.         do.         maxima   50
Rosa multiflora   50
Cheroke Rose   50
Double White English Rose   37

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