Descriptive catalogue of roses, hollyhocks, pansies, etc. (1861) pp. 18-21
By Alexander Campbell (and sons)
Glasnevin (near Dublin)

Archduke Charles, rose changing to crimson, large and fine
Cramoisie Superieure, crimson scarlet
Clara Sylvian, pure white, distinct
Duchess of Kent, pinkish white
Elise Flory, rose colour, distinct
Eugene Beauharnais, amaranth, large and double, superb
Fabvier, bright carmine, white centre
Fenelon, rose, changing to deep red
Henri Cinq, crimson striped with white, showy and attractive
Infidelities de Lisette, rosy blush, fine
La Seduisante, flesh colour, globular and fine
L'Eblouissante, rosy crimson, fine
Lady of the Lake, pure white, an old but good variety
Louis Philippe d'Angers, reddish crimson, fine
Lucullus, velvety purplish crimson
Madame Breon, bright rose, very large, the finest in this division
Marjolin, deep crimson, a fine rose
Mrs. Bosanquet, delicate flesh colour, a good old rose
Napoleon, bright pink, fine, large, and double
President d'Olbecque, lively crimson, fine
Prince Charles, brilliant crimson, fine
Therese Stravius, rosy blush, very fine
Triomphe de Gand, deep red, large and double
Abricote, fawn colour, deeper centre, a very hardy fine
rose Adam, rose, salmon centre, very large, a superb variety
Belle Allemande, shaded blush, a good old variety
Bougere, light rose, large and double, robust and hardy
Blanche de Solleville, pink, globular, large and double, robust
Caroline, light pink, cupped, and double, a pleasing variety
Canary, bright yellow .
Compte de Paris, pale blush very large, a superb rose
Devoniensis, creamy white, very hardy, one of the best in this class
Duc de Magenta, bright rosy salmon, shaded with flesh, large
Eliza Sauvage, pale yellow, a very beautiful rose
Eugene Desgaches, salmon, rose, globular and very double
Enfant de Lyon, yellow, large and full
Gloire de Dijon, fawn shaded with, salmon, flowers immensely large, form and habit of Souvenir de la Malmaison, robust, hardy, and very suitable for covering a wall, unquestionably the finest Tea Rose in cultivation
Goubalt, bright rose, shaded, robust and hardy
Homere, blush, with deeper centre, cupped and double
Jeannie Deans, pale salmon rose
Josephine Malton, buff creamy centre, large and beautiful
La Boule d'Or, fine golden yellow, large and very full
Leveson Gower, buff rose
La Sylphide, salmon yellow, a large and good rose
Le Pactole, lemon yellow centre, in large clusters, very hardy
Louise de Savoie, lemon yellow, large and very double, superb
Madam Bravy, white with rosy centre, perfect form
Madame William, yellow
Marechal Bugeaud, bright rose, deeper centre, a large and superb rose
Melanie Willermoz, white, with salmon centre, large and fine
Mirabile, rose colour, shaded with purple and buff
Moire, rosy fawn, distinct and good, a superb rose
Nina, blush, large and very double
Niphitos, pure white, with lemon centre, a large fine rose
Narcisse, pale yellow, large and fine, constant bloomer
Reine des Pays Bas, lemon, with yellow centre, double
Safrano, fawn colour, excellent
Smithii, straw, yellow centre, very double
Socrates, bronze, shaded with pink
Sombreuil, pale lemon, globular and fine
Souvenir de David, dark crimson
Souvenir d'un Ami, deep rose, large and well shaped, superb
Souvenir d'Elize, white, with blush centre
Vicomtesse de Cases, bright orange yellow, large, one of the finest
Yellow or Jaune, pale sulphur
Adelaide Pavie, pale lemon large and very double
Aimie Vibert, pure white, in large clusters, a very neat rose
Augusta, sulphur, in the way of Solfaterre
America, creamy yellow, very large and full, in clusters
Celine Forestier, rich yellow, very large and full, very hardy
Cornelie, purplish pink, flowering in large clusters, an excellent pillar rose
Claudia Augustine, in the way of Ophirie, good pillar rose
Camellia Rouge, rosy pink, compact and double, an excellent pillar rose
Cloth of Gold, sulphur yellow, deeper centre, a magnificent rose
D'Espalais, rosy blush, a fine pillar rose
Du Luxembourg, deep rose, well adapted for a pillar
Fellenberg, bright carmine, distinct and pretty
Hardy, creamy white, blush centre, large and double
Jaune Depres, bronze yellow, shaded, highly fragrant
La Biche, white, with blush centre, an excellant pillar rose
Lamarque, lemon, large and double, an excellant old rose
Miss I. Grey, the true variety, sent out by Mr. Paul in 1856, yellow, large and full
Miss Glegg, beautiful pure white
Ophirie, bright coppery salmon and fawn, very remarkable
Polonie Bourdin, salmon, with coppery centre, curious flower
Sir Walter Scott, deep purple, an excellent pillar rose
Triomphe de Bolwyller, pure white, an excellent pillar rose
Triomphe de Rennes, canary yellow, large and full, robust habit, free bloomer, extra fine
La Dessire, deep pink
La Gloire, brilliant crimson
Pompon, rose colour, very dwarf
Pompon Bijou, rose, dwarf and compact
White, white, very double
Eliza Werry, nankeen, changing to white
Fringed, white, petals fimbriated
Princesse de Nassau, yellowish straw, fragrant
River's Musk, pink shaded buff, highly fragrant