Descriptive Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees and Shrubs, etc. at the Columbus Nursery. pp. 49-50 (1863) 188-189
Bateham, Hanford and Co.
Columbus, Ohio


This is one of the finest classes of autumnal blooming roses. rapid and vigorous, and the flowers are produced in large clusters. The growth is Some of the Noisettes, such as Champney's Pink Cluster, etc., are so hardy as to require very little protection here; but those like the Chromatella, produced by crossing with the Tea Rose, are more tender, and ought to be laid down and covered with leaves or straw, unless kept in pots.

Price 50 cents each.

  • Aimee Vibert—Pure white.
  • Augusta—Saffron yellow, fragrant and fine 75 cents.
  • Beauty of Greenmount—Bright carmine.
  • Banksian—White and yellow; both delicate, pretty.
  • Caroline Marinesse—White, tinged with flesh, small, double, and free bloomer.
  • Cloth of Gold (Chromatelli)—Deep yellow, very sweet, large and beautiful.
  • Dr. Kane—Large, sulphur yellow, exquisite fragrance, great bloomer.
  • Euphrosine—Pale rose with yellow tinge; fine.
  • Fellemberg—Brilliant crimson, good pillar rose.
  • Fortune's Yellow—Nankeen-buff, tinged with pink.
  • Herbemont's Musk Cluster—Creamy white. beautiful.
  • Isabella Gray—Deep yellow.
  • Lamarque—Pale lemon yellow, very large.
  • Ophire —Buff, with a tinge of red, distinct: fine.
  • Solfatare—8ulphur yellow, fragrant and fine.
  • Woodland Marguerite (from Baltimore)—Pure white.


These are universal favorites. They are of dwarf habit, bloom abundantly in the open ground from early spring till late in autumn. In a green house of warm room may be kept in flower during the winter. At the approach of cold weather remove to a frame or cover with dry leaves.

Price 37 1/2 cents each; $3 per dozen.

  • Agrippina—Rich velvety crimson.
  • Arch Duke Charles—Rose,changing to crimson.
  • Cels—Blush, a most profuse bloomer.
  • Marjolin— Dark rosy purple.
  • Purple Crown—Dark crimson, velvet, very double.
  • Queen of Lombardy—Deep rose, free bloomer.
  • Daily or Common—Bright. rose; a most profuse and constant bloomer.
  • Louis Phillippe—Rich, dark crimson.
  • Sanguinea—Deep crimson; a most, profuse, constant bloomer, and free grower.
  • Triumphant—Rosy red; profuse bloomer.
  • White Daily—Creamy white; pretty, but a slender grower.


The Tea Roses are esteemed for their perpetual blooming, for their varied beauties of color, size, and form, and especially for their exquisite odor. They require protection in winter.

Price 50 cents each ; $4 per dozen.

  • Adam—Brilliant rose; very large, extra.
  • Arch Duchess Theresa—Creamy white, with yellow center; large and fine.
  • Bougere—Bronzed rose; a superb and distinct variety; very hardy.
  • Devoniensis—Creamy white, center yellow; large and fine.
  • Five Colored—Striped and mottled, various colors; distinct and pretty.
  • Glorie d'Dijon—New; bronze yellow; very large and full; fine foliage.
  • Goubalt—Salmon pink, very fragrant; fine buds.
  • Hymene—Blush, centre yellowish.
  • La Sylphide—Incarnate blush; free bloomer.
  • La Pactole— Lemon yellow; beautiful.
  • Madam Bravy—Creamy White; large and fine.
  • Perfection—Pure white; large and fine.
  • Souvenu' d'un Ami—Rose and salmon shaded.
  • Safrano—Fawn, shaded with rose.
  • Triumph de Luxembourgh—Salmon buff, shaded, with deep rose; distinct and fine.
  • Victoria Modeste —Rosy blush, delicate, sweet.
  • Yellow Tea (Smithii)—An old and general favorite; pale yellow, or straw color; sweet.

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