Crop Science 7(1): 53-55 (1966)
Relative Importance of Stem and Root in Determining Genotypic Differences
in Sr-89 and Ca-45 Accumulation in Soybeans (Glycine max L.)

R. A. Kleese

Stem grafts were made among 8 to 10-day-old soybean plants to ascertain the role of stem and root in determining varietal differences in accumulation of Sr-89 and Ca-45 in seed and in the terminal portion of the stem. The effect of the graft per se was negligible as evidenced by similar Sr-89 and Ca-45 accumulation in grafted plants with stem and root of identical genotype and the ungrafted plants of the same genotype. Accumulation of Sr-89 and Ca-45 in seeds was largely controlled by the genotype of the stem. In the terminal 12 to 15 cm of the stem Sr-89 and Ca-45 accumulation was controlled by both stem and root, with the stem being relatively more