Gurney Seed & Nursery Co. 1921 p. 23
Hansen's Malakhof Sweet Corn

This picture shows the first ear of the Malakhof picked in our field this year. I regret that the boys did not give me the date of the planting and picking, but they said that the Malakhof was so much earlier than any other variety that I did not need the information. One of our market gardeners says that he gets the Malakhof so much earlier than others that people are always willing to pay 25c per dozen for these little delicious ears.


Professor Neils Hansen has originated a great many things in vegetables and fruits, but he did not originate this Malakhof Sweet Corn, but found it in Russia in one of his early trips to that Country. He brought it because he considered it the earliest and sweetest sweet corn and that it would fill a place not yet taken by any other variety. The color of this sweet corn varies from an amber to a clear white. It matures the earliest of any variety; planting, say, by the 15th of May, you are practically sure of good roasting ears of mighty good quality by the 1st of July. The gardeners in and around Yankton sell this corn ahead of all other varieties, and from twenty to twenty-five cents per dozen ears. It will produce often three to four earn to the stalk. They are not large ears, but nearly as large as Golden Bantam. Coming, as they do, ten days ahead of Golden Bantam, it makes it specially pleasing and profitable to grow it. Everyone with either small or large garden can include some of the Malakhof. We would advise for an ordinary family at least one pound of this seed. We are still growing our stock from the original seed.
1/3 pt., 15¢; 1 lb., 40¢; 13 lbs., $3.25.

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