Journal of Horticulture, Cottage Gardener and Home Farmer 49: 261 (Mar 29, 1883)

Abutilon and Hibiscus "bigener"

Dr. Masters described a very dark flowered Abutilon, which was said to be due to an original cross between Hibiscus rosa-sinensis and Abutilon striatum. The original plant was a dark-flowered seedling which was fertilised by Mr. George for two or three generations with the pollen of the Hibiscus, and though the character of the flower is that of Abutilon it has the truncated column and foliage of Hibiscus, thus showing distinctly intermediate characters. In one plant the leaves were marked with a dark crimson spot. Hence it appears to be a true bigener, or cross between two distinct genera.

Ivy-leaved Pelargonium Cross.—Mr. George sent some foliage of a cross between the Ivy-leaved and a rough-leaved Pelargonium. Several showed a reversion to the peltate type, some assuming a funnel-shaped or other irregular form, thus betraying its origin from P. peltatum.

Hibiscus biblio