The Floral Magazine n.s. vol. 5 (1876)

Plate 232

This plant, in addition to its being new to cultivation, deserves notice as one of the most distinct of all the numerous varieties of this genus which have at one time or other been introduced to our gardens, and it possesses the additional merit of producing large and effective creamy white flowers freely in succession on small plants — the specimen from which our drawing was prepared being but little over a foot in height. The leathery dark green foliage is also different from that of any other variety of Hibiscus known to us, and forms a pleasing background to the great white petalled flowers, which are themselves far from inelegant in form. The precise origin of the plant appears to be unknown, Mr. B. S. Williams having imported it from Australian gardens where it is much admired, as doubtless it will be in our own when more plentiful. It well deserves culture as a pot plant, and requires a warm greenhouse temperature.

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