Beautiful Flowers from the Calla Greenhouses, Calla, Ohio p. 22 (1896)


A MAGNIFICENT class of greenhouse shrubs introduced from China. They have handsome glossy foliage and very large, showy flowers, of ten measuring four inches or more In diameter Valuable for pot culture, or if kept from year to year in large tubs, they will become quite large trees, and bloom profusely. They will also bloom admirably if bedded out in the summer. They can be easily wintered in the cellar. The accompanying illustration to a good representation of the single varieties. The Hibiscus is unquestionably one of our most brilliant and showy shrubs. We have reduced the price and would recommend all to grow them.

Grandiflora. Very large, single, showy flowers; color intense crimson-scarlet. Price 8 cents.

Gen. de Cortigis. Enormously large, single flowers of fine form and of the most intense brilliant scarlet color. A grand variety. Price 10 cents.

Rubra. A magnificent double variety, with large red flowers. Price 10 cents.

Sub‑Violaceons. Flowers enormous, semi‑double color bright carmine, tinged with violet. Probably the largest flowered variety. Price 8 cents each.

Van Houtte. Large, double scarlet flowers. A choice variety. Price 10 cents each.

Versicolor. Very large single flowers; color, crimson banded or margined with white or rose. A choice variety. Price 8 cents each.

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