The California Fruits and how to Grow Them, p. 289 (1891)
Edward James Wickson


BLACK REPUBLICAN (Lewelling, Black Oregon).—"Seedling by Seth Lewelling, Milwaukee, Oregon, from seed planted in 1860; first fruited in orchard in 1864. Widely distributed in California. Large, black, sweet, with purple flesh; ripens ten days after Black Tartarian."—James Shinn. "Large, late black cherry, good flavor, long keeper; dries and ships well. Seems to succeed better on foot-hills than in the valley."—Robert Williamson. "Supposed to be a cross between Napoleon Bigarreau and Black Tartarian, having the solid flesh of the former and the color of the latter; very late."—John Rock. "I am of the opinion that the Black Republican and Lincoln came from the seed of the Black Eagle, but I have little idea of what variety they were crossed with."—Seth Lewelling.

LINCOLN.—Same origin as Black Republican; first fruited in orchard in 1865. Original trees of Black Republican and Lincoln are still sound and vigorous, the latter yielding, in 1886, fifty-two ten-pound boxes.

LEWELLING.—Originated by Seth Lewelling, from seed of Black Tartarian. Fruit deep, rich, cherry color; large, firm and fine flavored; late. Fruit picked July 11, 1876, was sent to the Centennial Exposition at Philadelphia, and won for Mr. Lewelling the first premium.

BlNG.—Originated by Seth Lewelling, from seed of Black Republican. "Fruit large, dark brown or black, very fine; late; a good shipping variety."—Seth Lewelling. Tree vigorous, and foliage heavy.