Der Züchter 36(5): 233-235 (Jan 1966)
On the constitution and inheritance of a new delphinidine glycoside "Floridorin" from the cultivated iris variety cv. ‘Floridor’ (Cayeux 1929)
Peter Werckmeister, Kôozôo Hayashi, Yoshikazu Yasaki


The diploid tall bearded garden Iris cv. ‘Floridor’ (Cayeux 1929) proved to be thus far the only variety with a different anthocyanine, called ‘Floridorin’. Its chemical structure has been found to be delphinidine-3-glucose-rhamnose-p-coumaric-acid. It occurs together with tulipanine already analyzed by us as delphinidine-3-glucose-rhamnose. The main anthocyanine of the Pogoniris garden varieties proved to be violanin the structure of which has been studied by us lately. The investigations were carried out by some newer methods, such as partial hydrolysis and oxidative degradation already published by us. The new ‘Floridorin’ gives a monohybrid recessive Mendelian ratio with other diploid varieties of Pogoniris colored by violanine. The varieties colored by ‘Floridorin’ show a characteristic greyish blue coloration which can be recognized with the naked eye.