Lloyd Austin’s Rainbow Gardens (1957)

THURLOW WEED (Weed '43) EM-38" Oddest and strangest Iris in my garden. Instead of the usual 3 standards and 3 falls, which characterize practically all Iris, this has 6 nearly identical petals that are strongly curved and arched in open cup-like fashion. Form of the flower is more like a pitcher plant or fly-catcher, or even a golden tulip, than an Iris. The 3 petals corresponding to falls sometimes have slight vestiges of beards down inside, but all 6 petals are quite beardless from external appearance. So this is, essentially, a "Bearded" Iris without a beard—and without petals that act as falls. There are no stamens, but stigmas are normal, so crossing would seem possible A creamy white, heavily flushed and veined in yellow. See photo. $2.00