Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club, 11(8): 93 (Aug 1884)
Germination of Pardanthus Chinensis.
Jos. Schrenk
Hoboken, July, 1884.

Two years ago I described and figured what seemed to me a peculiar mode of germination of Iris versicolor (bulletin, Vol. ix., No. 6). The seeds of Pardanthus Chinensis seem to germinate in exactly the same manner, as shown by the annexed figure. The seed (sd) stays under the surface (sf) and sends out a long connective (ct), bearing the cotyledon (en) from which are developed the root and the leaves (ls).

I must assume that in this case we have to deal with a normal mode of germination, for I found numerous seedlings in the open ground, around an old plant that had been freely fruiting the previous fall, and all of them showed the same peculiarity.

(Pardanthus Chinensis has been known for many years to grow abundantly near Richmond Hill, Long Island.)