Reblooming Iris Notes

The Flower Grower (Calcium, NY) 9: 319 (Nov. 1922)
O. M. Pudor, (Washington)

That delightful lilac colored Iris, Mrs. Alan Gray, is known to bloom a little a second time in August, and always has done so in my gardens, but never has it done as well as it is doing this sixth day of September. And the strange part of it is, after a seven weeks’ severe drouth, without a drop of water from the heavens or from my garden hose, and yet here it is today, every plant blooming like in June.

And this is not the only variety that dry weather seems to have a special favorable influence on: Iris Kochii is putting forth a full crop of bud stalks.

I hope to be able to secure some seed pods, for it certainly seems to me within a range of possibilities, by a careful watching and waiting policy, to develop a strain or a variety of ever-blooming, or fall flowering Irises.

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