Garden and Forest 9(437): 276 (July 8, 1896)

Another season's growth of this Arkansas variety confirms the first impression as to its being a handsome form. Among the many Irises it would be difficult to name the most beautiful and pleasing, but this has claims to be numbered among the choicest of a generally handsome family. There are others of more delicate and quaint hues, but the color of this is as nearly blue as is found in flowers. The flowers are wide-spreading, with flat segments, and three or four are borne on short pedicels on one side of a leafy prostrate stem. It is perfectly hardy and has long, thick, creeping rhizomes. The white-flowered form of Iris hexagona, discovered in Florida by Mr. Mead, does not prove to be hardy here.

The 'La Mance' Iris is Iris brevicaulis. It was nicknamed for horticulturist, Lora La Mance.

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