The Garden 28(731): 530 (Nov. 21, 1885)
M. Foster

In reply to "M. P. F." (p. 502) allow me to say that I. Bloudowi is handsome, but fugacious; it is cultivated by M. Max Leichtlin, myself, and others. I. dichotoma.— Very fugacious, cultivated and lost several times; was lost at Kew a few years ago. I. Güldenstadti, I. spuria, and I. halophila.— These names have been variously applied to different forms of spuria, and plants answering to them are not uncommon in nursery gardens and elsewhere. I. laevigata.— This is the wild form of the Iris, a cultivated variety of which is the I. Kaempferi of our gardens, and may sometimes be met with in collections under some name or other. I. sibirica, very common. I. uniflora, I. ventricosa, I. songarica, and I. glaucescens.— These, as far as I know, are not in cultivation; the last seems a charming little thing, but probably very difficult to cultivate. I. pauciflora.— This name is unknown to me. I. setosa and I. brachycuspis.— These are the same; the plant is not uncommon in collections. I. flavissima.— The Asian form of I. arenaria; very charming, but very fugacious; cultivated by M. Max Leichtlin, myself, and others. I. Pallasi and I. fragrans.— The larger flowered form of I. ensata. I. biglumis and I. longispatha.— These are identical and differ but slightly, if at all, from I. Pallasi, which exists in botanic gardens and in my own. I. ruthenica, not uncommon. I. tenuifolia.— I have young plants of this, but they have not yet flowered; what I have so far received from nurseries under this name have turned out something else. I. humilis, not uncommon. I. caucasica, not uncommon. Would "M. P. F.," in return, say where Atkinson and Semenoff’s list is to obtained?

The Garden 28(730): 502 (Nov. 14, 1885)
M. P. F.

The following is a list of Irises found in Central Asia by Messrs. Atkinson and Semenoff. I should like to know how many of them are in cultivation, and where:—

In the valley of the Amoor.
Bloudowi pauciflora
dichotoma sibirica
Guldenstadti uniflora
laevigata ventricosa
In Siberia and Mongolia.
brachycuspis ruthenica
dichotoma setosa
flavissima sibirica
Guldenstadti spuria
halophila tenuifolia
Pallasi ventricosa
On the Kirghis Steppe, Alatau,
Kara-tan, and Tarbagatai.
flavissima humilis
longispatha biglumis
setosa Guldenstadti
tenuifolia songorica
ruthenica caucasica
uniflora glaucescens