Lloyd Austin’s Rainbow Gardens (1957)

CLEMENTINA (Austin '55) EM-34" This is the huge, heavily-marbled Oncobred that attracted the attention of so many of our visitors. As flower first opens it is often of nearly normal form, but within a day or two many of the flowers flatten out so both standards and falls extend out nearly horizontally. While it is hard to imagine, these immense flowers sometimes have a spread up to 9 inches, The unique hat Iris blooms are ideal for use in a shallow container on dining table. Named CLEMENTINA because of striking resemblance of the huge flat flowers to those of clematis blossoms. Color of this new giant is most appealing, being a pale bluish lavender, heavily marbled with deep amethyst. Either flat or in normal form the marbled coloring is so exquisite that I had more requests for this before introduction than any other seedling. A very heavy bloomer, producing a mass of flowers. Resulted from a seed embryo-cultured for me by Dr. L. F. Randolph. All six petals have beards, though those on the standards are smaller and whiter. This may be the only Oncobred with 6 beards, like the Regelias. In great demand for use as corsages, for which it is simply superb.

Clementina was the most coveted of all Iris at our great 1956 Iris Show at Weinstock-Lubin's in Sacramento. A splendid seed setter, producing good seed for me when crossed with Gatesii, Capitola, and lb-Mac, True. [Snow Flurry X Capitola]. See Ektachrome above. $15.00  3 for $29.95