The Southern Gardener's Book Of Lists: The Best Plants for All Your Needs, Wants and Whims (1994) p. 69
Lois Trigg Chaplin


The big gripe about bearded irises has always been that they're in bloom such a short time. Now, those of you who live north of Jackson, Mississippi, can stop complaining; irises that rebloom again in the fall as well as others that rebloom several times during the growing season are available. They are adapted to the Middle and Upper South. We have one in our garden whose name I don't know but is nevertheless a real treat and has bloomed every fall except this one. (Perhaps this year it was thwarted by drought.) Here are some of the best, according to iris hybridizer and grower Clarence Mahan of McLean, Virginia.

Pink White Yellow
Pink Attraction Immortality Harvest of Memories
Jennifer Rebecca I Do Corn Harvest
Coral Attraction Brother Carl Buckwheat
  Eternal Bliss Spirit of Memphis
Purple to Light Violet Dwarfs  
Rosalie Figge Plum Wine  
Autumn Bugler Third Charm  
Grape Adventure Refined  
Violet Returns Baby Blessed  
Violet Music    

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