Report of the Third International Conference on Genetics, 1906. 404-414
Hybrids among the Amarylliae and Caceaceae, with some notes on
variation in the Gesneraceae and the genus Senecio

Arthington Worsley, F.R.H.S

I experimented with several Gesneraceae, especially with Gloxinia (Sinningia), Tydaea, Isoloma, Naegelia, and Lietzia. Notwithstanding known affinities of some Gesneraceae, I was unable to reconcile Gloxinia (as the female) with any of the others, although by pollinating Isoloma with Gloxinia I produced some seedlings with almost regular and round-spotted flowers which were absolutely sterile and pollenless. Moreover, these seedlings carried a great number of multi-petaled flowers having the same number of segments (7) as their putative male parent (the Gloxinia) had. Still, I never regarded these as hybrids, because these characters only appeared in a very small percentage of the seedlings, the majority being apparently pure Isolomas.