South African Journal of Plant and Soil 6(4): 228-234 (1989)
The influence of temperature and boron on pollen germination in Mangifera indica L.
Esmé de Wet, P. J. Robbertse & H. T. Groeneveld
Accepted 26 Jun 1989, Published online: 15 Jan 2013


Fruit set in the mango (Mangifera indica L.) cultivar ‘Haden’ is exceptionally low. In an effort to determine the reason for this phenomenon, the influences of temperature and application of boron on pollen germination and the effectiveness of cross- versus self-pollination were investigated. It was found that the highest percentage of successfully pollinated stigmas (stigmas with germinating pollen grains) was obtained when: (i) pollination occurred at 25°C and 30°C, (ii) stigmas and pollen were treated with boron and (iii) ‘Haden’ stigmas were pollinated with ‘Zill’ pollen rather than being self-pollinated.