J. Van Lindley Nursery Co. Pomona, N.C. p. 46 (1916)

Tucker Everbearing Apple

A new sort called to our attention three summers ago. Begins to ripen in June and continues all through the summer. Quality very good, especially for cooking. Tree hardy and a good bearer. Tucker is really the nicest everbearing Apple we have ever seen.

Garden & Home Builder, 22: 83 (Oct 1915)
The everbearing apple, Goal, is a cooking apple, very much striped with red on yellow, like Gravenstein, and has a subacid flavor. It is a novelty so far, and has not been tested for adaptability or other features except in Oregon. In its habit of ripening fruit from June until frost or over several months, it is like a lemon tree and bids fair to be popular among amateurs who have space for only one tree.

Everbearing Tree Fruit