Scientia Sinica 20(3), 370-376 (1977)
Induction of callus from apple endosperm and differentiation of the endosperm plantlet
Mu, S.C. Liu, S.C. Chou, Y.K. Chien, N.F. et al.


Endosperm culture has attracted some investigators' attention in recent years. We consider that it may possibly be of greater significance to provide triploid and polyploid materials for breeding work in agriculture, forestry, and fruit cultivation. The present paper reports the establishment of callus and the differentiation of the plantlets, roots, and leaves by means of successful culture of endosperm from unripe apple seed. Experimental results show: (i) The young endosperm is more susceptible to produce callus than the ripe one hitherto used; (ii) The participation of the embryo is not definitely necessary for the formation of callus from endosperm and for the differentiation of organs or plantlets.