Geraniums for Home and Garden (1955)
Helen K. Krauss

Shrubland Pet and Skelton’s Unique

Shrubland Pet (syn. Shrubland Rose)A hybrid of P. capitatum with a cross between a P. quercifolium hybrid or cultivar and P. fulgidum. Habitat of growth vigorous, spreading, branching, the stems lax; leaves large, lobed somewhat like those of P. capitatum, glossy and sparsely bristly hairy above with purple area in center indicating a relationship to P. quercifolium; inflorescence intermediate in size, axillary, dense, the flowers rose red with more purple marking in upper petals. Mr. Beaton of Shrubland Park Nursery, England, devoted seven years to the development of this hybrid, which was distributed in 1849. He had hoped for brilliant coloring in the flowers from the P. fulgidum parent. Although his wish did not materialize, this hybrid is one of the most colorful in the group.

'Skeltons Unique'— Pungent-scented. A hybrid of P. capitatum and P. quercifolium. Vigorous with lax, branching stems not as densely leafy as in the first named parent; flower clusters dense, flowers intermediate in size, light pink, the upper petals purple marked like those of P. quercifolium. Originated in England about 1861.

Geraniums / Pelargoniums