Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 38(2) 279-286 (1987)
Quantifying vernalization and temperature promotion effects on time of flowering of three cultivars of Medicago truncatula Gaertn.
Z Hochman
New South Wales Department of Agriculture,
North Coast Agricultural Institute, Wollongbar, N.S.W. 2480.


The interaction of vernalization and high temperature promotion on the flowering time of three Medicago truncatula cultivars is examined. A previous model describing these processes is modified to account for the hypothesis that temperature promotion of flowering is subsequent to full vernalization. Both models are calibrated to minimize errors in predicting flowering dates from field observations at Condobolin and Tamworth in New South Wales. The calibrated models are then tested on data from other seasons and locations. The implications of the modified model are discussed with regard to an ideotype and to improved efficiency in agronomic evaluation of genetic material.

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