Annals of Horticulture in North America 1892
L H Bailey

Ipomoea Heavenly Blue. Mrs. Theodosia B. Shepherd, Ventura, Cal.
The foliage is very large, heart-shaped, thick and light green; flowers four to five inches across in large clusters, and light blue with a yellow throat, suffusing softly into blue. Originated in the garden of Mrs. Shepherd, who thinks it "evidently a child of Ipomoea Learii and Mina lobata."


Mrs. Theodosia B. Shepherd's 1891 catalog

Ipomea Heavenly Blue.—This beautiful Ipomea originated in my garden and is a cross between Ipomea Leari and Mina Lobata. The foliage is large, heart shaped thick and light green; flowers 4 1/2 to 5 inches across, in large, airy clusters, and of that indescribable heavenly blue so rarely seen in flowers. The throat is yellow inside, spreading softly into the blue. In the morning about 10 o'clock no lovelier sight can be imagined than this climber, which is completely covered with bloom, so much so as to almost cover the foliage. Every one who sees it for the first time is filled with delight at its beauty, exclaiming, "That is the lovliest thing I ever saw." Don't fail to try it. Price, 20 cents pkt.