Proc. Roy. Hort. Soc. XXIII: xxii
(Scientific Committee, January 31, 1899)

Results of Sowing Tomato Seed saved from Potato Plant grafted with Tomato
A. W. Sutton

1895.—In this year a scion of Potato Victoria was grafted with Tomato Maincrop. Seed was saved in the autumn of 1895.

1896.—Seed sown, several plants raised, and seed again saved.

1897.—Seed from last year's trials sown in the spring, and ten or twelve plants put out in the open in June. It was evident on comparing these plants with several trials of the true Maincrop Tomato growing alongside that the graft had materially affected the variety, which happens to have very distinctive characteristics, the leaves of Maincrop being exceptionally large, massive, and almost entire in outline, generally at least three times the size of those of the ordinary Tomato; the plants of the seedling appeared quite distinct from the true Maincrop; there were many more fruits on each plant, and these fruits were decidedly smaller and earlier, and more corrugated. The leaves, however, were similar in character, but decidedly smaller. Seed was again saved from these plants.

1898.—Seed sown again, and the same number of plants put out in June. The 1897 notes were entirely confirmed, but the contrast between these plants and those of the true Maincrop Tomato growing alongside was perhaps more marked than in the preceding year.