The Gardeners' Chronicle, n.s.:11: 470 (1879)

We find the following record in the Philosophical Transactions, 1742, p. 115:—

"Secretary HAEREUS, of Stockholm, having a large collection of natural curiosities, among which was a number of foreign seeds, and finding he had Melon seeds that were laid up in 1700, Mr. TRIEWALD was curious to try whether they retained their vegetative quality, and accordingly, February 21, 1741, he planted twenty-four of them in a separate hotbed, from which he had twenty-one good plants, which, after they were planted in a new-made hotbed, showed flowers before they began to branch themselves, and their branches were very narrow, yet produced early and plenty of good Melons."

In a later volume is a record of the germination of Melon seeds which were thirty-three years old.