Gardeners' Chronicle, April 10, 1897, p. 233

Epicattleya x matutina
(Cattleya Bowringiana x Epidendrum radicans)

Garden and Forest 10: 153 (1897)

Epicattleya matutina. — This is a new hybrid obtained by Messrs. J. Veitch & Sons from Epidendrum radicans crossed with Cattleya Bowringiana, the latter being the mother parent. The stems and general character of the hybrid are much more like those of the Epidendrum than the Cattleya, and the flowers, which are about two inches across, are yellow, tinged with vermilion, while in the three-lobed red and yellow labellum there is still less evidence of the Cattleya's influence. Those who hold that prepotency is on the side of the female have strong evidence to the contrary in this hybrid.

Epidendrum Hybrids