Proc Roy Hort Soc xxii p. ciii-civ (1898-1899) p. ciii-civ

Epi-Cattleya x radiato-Bowringiana

From Messrs. Jas. Veitch. A curious hybrid, with the growth of the Epidendrum and flowers in form approacing Cattleya Bowringiana. Colour purplish rose.

Gardeners' Chronicle, p. 391. June 25, 1898

Our illustration shows one of Messrs. J. Veitch & Son's hybrids, obtained from Epidendrum radiatum crossed with Cattleya Bowringiana (fig. 146). The plant has the habit of the first-named species, but the petals and sepals are of a rosy-purple tint, with a lip that is marked with purple lines of a darker tint The pseudo-bulb is ovoid and flattish. A plant was shown at the Royal Horticultural Society's meeting on June 14.

Epidendrum Hybrids