The Gardeners' Chronicle (June 23, 1888) pp. 770, 771

Epidendrum O'brienianum x, n. hyb.

Fig. 103.—Epidendrums: 1, E. O'Brienanum, hybrid between 2, E. radicans and 3, E. evectum.

Another genus must now be added to the number of those in which artificial hybrids have been obtained, and to Mr. Seden once more belongs the merit of producing another decidedly meritorious garden plant. It was obtained by crossing E. evectum with the pollen of E. radicans, better known in gardens at present as E. rhizophorum, and as would naturally be expected it is tolerably intermediate in character between its two parents. In habit it much resembles E. radicans, as it bears roots along the pseudobulbs like that species—a character not seen in E. evectum. The flowers of each are represented in the annexed engraving (fig. 103), which will show how the characters of the parents are represented in the hybrid. The segments are longer than in E. evectum but have the same general shape, while in E. radicans they are less narrowed at the base. The column is almost as straight as in E. evectum, while in E. radicans they are less narrowed at the base. The column is almost as straight as in E. evectum, while in E. radicans this organ is much curved, bringing the lip down to the lateral sepals. The shape and cutting of the lobes of the lip will also be noticed as much like those of E. evectum, while in the other species the side lobes are much larger than the front one, the margin less deeply toothed, and the whole lip very flat. Finally the coloration is very interesting. In E. evectum the whole flower is of a clear purple while in E. radicans the segments arc orange-scarlet, the apex of the column and centre of the lip deep yellow, the latter organ shading off to orange on the margin of the lobes. In the hybrid the colour is a uniform brilliant carmine, with a trace of the orange shade, the only exception being that the pair of crests on the lip are bright yellow, as in E. radicans. The combination of characters is extremely interesting— those of the mother plant on the whole preponderating in the flower, yet the presence of roots on the pseudobulbs show a stronger approach to that of the pollen parent in habit. The plant was exhibited by Messrs. Veitch & Sons at a recent meeting of the Royal Horticultural Society; also at the Linnean Centennary on May 25 last; and as flowers of the parent species were also exhibited for comparison, the group attracted a considerable amount of attention. It is a decidedly handsome novelty, its one drawback as a garden plant being that, like its parent species, it is a somewhat tall grower, R. A. Rolfe.

Epidendrum Hybrids