The Florist and Pomologist, 3rd series, 2: 265 (Dec 1869)

OF the many beautiful forms of the Hardy Hybrid Clematis for which the lovers of gardens have to thank Mr. George Jackman and the Woking Nursery, that which we flow figure is certainly one of the finest. It is, in the first place, the largest at present known, since the flowers measure, when expanded, as much from 8 to 9 inches across. It is, in the next place, one of the most striking and effective in its colours, which effect results from the large spreading tuft of filaments in the centre being white, so that they contrast strongly with the rich violet hue of the sepals, and give the flowers quite the semblance of belonging to some giant passion-flower. It has the free-growing and free-blooming habit of the other Woking hybrids, and must be set down as one of the best and most distinct of the series.