The Ohio Cultivator, 6:167 (1850)

Charcoal Road—Something New.

The following statement from Joshua Hathaway, the Secretary of the Company, gives some interesting details about the charcoal road between Poplar creek and Pewaukee:

The Madison, Watertown, and Milwaukee Plank Road Company have contracted for the construction of four miles of charcoal road in place of planking. The price for construction is $1200 per mile, exclusive of sluiceways and deep grading, which is to be paid for in addition.

The mode of construction is as follows: The wood taken from the track is cut into the longest possible cuts, being straight; the stumps reduced to the surface; the wood being piled lengthwise, eight feet wide, four feet high with slopes of 45 degrees, is covered with straw and earth from the ditches, is then charred; a quarter of a mile of which can be charred and quenched in ten days. The earth cover is then raked off to the four feet next inside of the ditches, the charcoal is then raked open to the width of sixteen feet, two feet thick in the centre and one foot in the margin; the burned earth at the sides is then to be raked into the shape and the weather and use will complete the work.

The company are confident that this charred portion will prove the best and most economical and durable portion of their road.—Wisconsin Farmer.