The Cultivator & Country Gentleman 28(723): 331 (November 22, 1866)

Charcoal for Fattening Turkeys

"I have made an experiment," says a writer, "in feeding charcoal to fattening turkeys, and the result surprised me. Four turkeys were confined in a pen and fed on meal, boiled potatoes and oats. Four others of the same brood were also, at the same time, confined in another pen and fed on the same articles, but with one pint of very finely pulverized charcoal mixed with their food—mixed meal and boiled potatoes. They had also a plentiful supply of broken charcoal in their pen. The eight were killed on the same day, and there was a difference of one and a half pounds each in favor of the fowls which had been supplied with the charcoal, they being much the fatter and the meat greatly superior in point of tenderness and flavor."