The Cottage Gardener, September 26, 1850. Page 407

Soot As A Manure For Potatoes.
A. T. B., Chesterfield.

Will you allow me to mention that to-day I had dug up some second early potatoes—six rows. The seed was the same of all; to two rows I put as tillage a mixture of lime and soot, to two of soot alone, and to the remaining two superphosphate of lime. All were planted the same week. The produce from the seed having the soot tillage alone was about one-third greater than that with the superphosphate of lime, and nearly a fourth greater than with the mixture of lime and soot. There were scarcely any diseased; not one, so for as I have yet seen, from the sooted ground. I tried in another place plain soot against plain lime, and I found the produce nearly equal; the tubers a little finer from the soot. The lime I had had under cover for many months. It was air slacked.