Success with Flowers 10(7): 156 (April 1900)

Red Rust on Amaryllis
Annie F. Munnikhuysen, Maryland

In your February issue, page 118, Query 95, is a question about the "red rust" on Amaryllis. Having had considerable trouble myself with the aforesaid "red rust," or "rot," I send you the result of my experience. Some years ago my collection of Amaryllis was attacked by this "rot" and in an incredibly short time was reduced from twenty-four bulbs to six. After trying everything I could think of, I finally saved four of the six by the following treatment: Turn the bulbs out of the pots, cut off the foliage and pull off the affected layers, scraping thoroughly the base of the bulb, until firm flesh is found. Then rub well with powdered charcoal and lay aside for forty-eight hours to dry. At the end of that time rub again with charcoal and repot in small pots filled with dry sand and charcoal (powdered) in about equal parts, using lumps of charcoal for drainage. Water very lightly and set away in a dry, warm place and leave untouched ten days or two weeks. At the end of that time examine, and, if needed, water lightly again and then leave untouched until growth begins. When the growth has well started repot in earth, sand and charcoal, using no fertilizer. Of course, the season's bloom will be lost, but you will have your bulb. In watering be careful not to wet the bulb.