Burbank: Methods and Discoveries, 5: 255, 269 (1914)

Leaves Showing Mixed Inheritance

Occasionally a seedling shows a mottled leaf like this. Such a seedling, although otherwise promising, is rejected. In this case vigor of growth in the tree is indicated by the size of the leaf and wood, but a leaf of uniform dark green color is to be preferred. This is interesting, however, as showing a peculiar segregation of color factors, one of the ancestors having been a purple-leaved plum. This is a crossbred seedling, descended from purple-leaved and green-leaved ancestors. The segregation of colors in the second generation has been referred to, and is illustrated here in a very interesting way. Most specimens have leaves that are all green or all purple; but here and there one mixes the colors, in a way that has peculiar interst for the student of heredity.


Mosaic Variation