Pacific Rural Press (Dec 12, 1874) p. 377.
The Aughinbaugh Blackberry

We give herewith a representation (natural size) of a new seedling blackberry, which has recently been produced by Mr. G. Aughinbaugh, a well known fruit grower, who resides on Washington avenue, near Euclid street, Alameda. This berry ripens from four to five weeks earlier than any other variety of the blackberry known in this market, as has been shown by the result of its cultivation for the last two or three seasons. It is a most superior berry, begins to ripen from the first to the fifteenth of May, and continues to produce berries until about the middle of July—about the time other varieties of this berry begin to appear in this market. By reference to the engraving it will be observed that the fruit is very large, and quite unlike in form to other varieties—its form is more like that of the mulberry than the ordinary blackberry. The smaller berries on the twig shown are of course yet unripe. This progress of growth is very well illustrated.

In addition to the advantage of large size and early ripening, the fruit is of excellent flavor, and does not contain so large a proportion of seeds and cores as other varieties. The plants grow up hardy, thrive well, and produce abundantly. We can attest from occular demonstration and personal knowledge to all we have said above, and have no hesitation in commending this berry to the attention of fruit growers everywhere. The advantages of bringing so desirable a berry so much earlier into market than any other varieties of the same fruit, ought to ensure for it a very general cultivation. Mr. Aughinbaugh is now, for the first time, offering the plants for sale. See advertisement in another column.