Presidential address, August 27, 1956, annual meeting.
American Society of Plant Physiologists,
University of Connecticut, Storrs. Unpublished.
Light in Relation to Growth and Development of Plants
H A Borthwick
University of California at Davis

When Garner and Allard's paper was submitted for publication, the manuscript was subjected to the editorial review of a group of scientists. Their duty was to pass on its scientific significance and acceptability. That it passed the test is obvious, but that it had rough going is perhaps not generally known. One man on the committee was unalterably opposed to it.

Dr. Allard once read me a few paragraphs from the memorandum written by that man. Never have I heard a more scathing and sarcastic attack on a piece of scientific work. The name of the man, who is no longer living, is of no importance here. I merely mention the incident because of its historic interest and because it illustrates so well that even though we might not have the vision to comprehend fully the significance of a new discovery, we should at least be tolerant of it. It might turn out to be important.