Collection and Characterization of Begonia Native to Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son (1999)
Miss Srisakul Thamdee
M.S. Agriculture (Horticulture)


Six species of Begonia have been identified i.e. Begonia garettii Craib, Begonia sp. (F001), Begonia acetosella Craib (F002), Begonia acetosella Craib (F003), Begonia integrifolia Dalz and Begonia yunnannensis. They are different in plant size and shape, leaf size and color, flower color, stem color and type of rhizome, tuber and corm.

Begonia sp. (F001), Begonia acetosella Craib (F002) and Begonia acetosella Craib (F003) have the same number of chromosome i.e 2n=20. Both Begonia garettii Craib and Begonia yunnannensis have number of chromosome 2n=18 while Begonia integrifolia Dalz have 2n=28 of chromosome number. The isozyme pattern of esterase and peroxidase can be used to differentiate these 6 Begonia species.

Artificially induced longdays promoted continuous growth while artificially induced shortdays reduced growth rate, induce flowering and induce tuber formation.

However too high and too low light intensities affected growth of Begonia sp. (F001). The optimum level at 4,900 lx. provided the plants to have suitably leaf number and height for a pot plant.

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