Jour. of Horticulture, Cottage Gardener and Home Farmer 22:329 (April 23, 1891)

At Burford Lodge, Dorking, Begonias have for some years been almost as pleasing a feature as the Orchids, though they are not represented in such numbers. It was not, therefore, surprising that the first plant of the new continental Begonia named above should have been shown at the R.H.S. meeting from Sir Trevor Lawrence's collection. Begonia Triomphe de Nancy was adjudged an award of merit by the Floral Committee on April 14th, and it well deserved the recognition. The plant exhibited was dwarf in habit, but strong with broad, rounded peltate leaves, suggestive of some of the hybrids from B. socotrana. The individual flowers are small, bright rosy red, pretty both in the bud and when expanded, but they are borne in such numbers on the slender branches of large graceful panicles that the plant is very conspicuous. In a warm house this Begonia will grow well with others of its relatives, and probably prove more useful than some of taller growth.

Begonia socotrana x B. Roezli or B. daedalea

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