Irish Gardening, p. 188-189 (1906)

Begonia Ideala

Begonia socotrana has been extensively used in crossing with the tuberous begonias, Messrs. Veitch being the first to effect a crossing. Begonia "Ideala" was raised by them; it is a beautiful carmine pink. It begins to come into flower towards the end of September, the period of bloom lasting about six weeks, not, therefore, so long as is the case with Gloire de Lorraine. Other varieties of good colour are "John Heal," "Mrs. Heal," "Julius," and "Success."

Revue horticole 78:131 (1906)
Fig. 63.—Begonia Ideala
Hybride de B. socotrana x B. erecta

Gardeners' Chronicle (Dec. 7, 1901)

IN fig. 124 we have the pleasure of portraying the most recent addition to the exceedingly useful winter-flowering Begonias raised by Messrs. Jas. Veitch & Sons, Royal Exotic Nursery, King's Road, Chelsea, from B. socotrana crossed with tuberous-rooted varieties. In our issue for November 24, 1900, an Illustration was given of the hybrid, Mrs. John Heal, and descriptions of twelve hybrids of this section. Ideals, as shown at the meeting of the R.H.S. on the 26th ult., when It was recommended an Award of Merit, is a dwarf grower, the plants being about 6 inches high, and the habit very neat. The flowers are semi-double, about 2 inches across, and of brilliant rose-colour. One of the best characteristics of Begonias of this section is that they hold their flowers so well. Ideala, for instance, retains them until quite shrivelled. That they may be obtained in full bloom during such weather as we had in November, and indeed throughout the winter, is quite sufficient recommendation for these showy plants.

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