The Canadian Horticulturist 18: 297 (1895)

Something About the Baldwin Apple

What the Bartlett is among pears, and the Concord among grapes, says the Rural, the Baldwin is among apples — especially in the North. In the South and South-west it does not succeed so well. It is now proposed to have a monument erected to its memory, at or near the place where it was first discovered, only a few miles out of Boston. The inscription on the shaft will recite that near its site "in 1793, Samuel Thompson, Esq . ... discovered the first Pecker apple, later named the Baldwin." Many trees were grafted with cions from this tree, and it became well known locally. Through the influence of Col. Loami Baldwin, a celebrated engineer, it gained a wide reputation, and was afterward known by his name. It is a better monument to his memory than many a shaft of granite, or statue of bronze to more widely-known, but, perhaps, to less-deserving men.