The Artificial Gardiner: Being, a Discovery of a New Invention for the sudden Growth of all sorts of Trees and Plants, &c. (1717) pp. 25-26.
By Georg Andreas Agricola, Richard Bradley

THE Author of these wonderful Pretensions having concluded his Proposals, I shall offer some few Observations to the Curious, which perhaps in their Experience, may be serviceable to forward Vegetation.

*Possibly the Manchineel (Hippomane mancinella)

It is well known that where the hardest Seeds have been devour'd, either by Quadrupeds or Birds, that by means of the Passage of them through their Bodies, the Seeds have presently come up, or Vegetated: For Instance, the Manchanese Apple,* of the West-Indies, having been eaten by Goats, has pass'd through these Animals, and has come up in great quantities.

The Nutmeg likewise in the Isle of Banda being swallow'd by the Birds of Paradise, and other Fowls which use that Place, pass through their Bodies, and come up without any other Cultivation; and we have Instances enough of the same sort among us, to shew how much Heat and Moisture will contribute to forward or hasten Vegetation, this I think ought to be consider'd Principally, by all lovers of Planting; and above all, it is to be desir'd that some Mixture may be found, which will produce an Effect equal to the Bodies of Animals; to this end, I have heard a good Recommendation of the Roots of Onions, which being bruised to a Pulp, will forward the sprouting of any Seed that is put in them. I have try'd this my self with some Success, and I believe it may not be impossible, from some attempts of this kind, to expedite the growth of Plants, even to the degree mention'd by our Author.

Richard Bradley, F. R. S.

pp. 39-40
By the foregoing Accounts we may observe, that Mankind, Quadrupedes and Plants seem to be infected in the same manner, by unwholesome Insects; only allowing this Difference, that the same Insect which is poisonous to Man, is not so to other Animals or Plants, and so on the contrary; we observe likewise, that Pepper which is of Use to Mankind, is poisonous to other Creatures, and tho’ a Man cannot eat of the Cicuta, or Hemlock, without prejudice, yet a Cow and some other Animals will eat it to their Advantage; and the Manchanese Apple, which is deadly Poison to almost every Creature, is eaten greedily by Goats, and which is strange, the Milk of those Goats is wholesome to Mankind. Again, we may remark that Camphire which may be taken at the Mouth by the Human Race, and is helpful in many Cases, will destroy Insects; for among the Curious who have Cabinets of Rarities, it is a common Practice to lay it in their Drawers and Cases, to destroy the smaller kind of Insects, which would otherwise devour their Collections.