The Gardeners Monthly and Horticulturist, 20:8 (January, 1878)

Growing the Richardia Aethiopica
Mrs. Lucy A. Millington,
South Haven, Mich.

Perhaps some of the many lady readers of your MONTHLY would like to know how to get two flowers instead of one from every flowering sheath of their Calla lilies. As soon as the joint flower is cut, or begins to wither, pull the stalk down through the open sheath clear to the bottom. At the bottom will be found standing close to the stalk another bud, inclosed in a delicate covering. Cut the old stalk away as close as possible without injuring the bud, and if it has not been kept back too long it will grow up very quick. I have never failed to get both buds to flower. I never tie up the leaves close, but leave them free.

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