Posted by Xeno on March 8, 2010
'Dry Gulch Chupacabra' captured alive

We have all heard about the mysterious Texas sightings of an unusual creature, often called a chupacabra. Now, it's has been found roaming the countryside in Oklahoma.

This time the creature was caught alive.

The hairless, scared looking critter was captured on a Oklahoma man's back porch.

The wrinkly, bald creature was spotted by several people wandering around the countryside before being caught. It is now nicknamed the "Dry Gulch Chupacabra" or even "Kojak".

There have been similar findings in recent years in Texas. Each time many have believed them to be one of those legendary blood sucking chupacabras.

But experts have been quick to disagree, as KENS 5 reporters have documented in the past.

The Dry Gulch Chupacabra, or Kojak, was taken to a wildlife animal rescue center where animal caretakers had to take a much closer look to figure out what she really is.

At first someone thought she was a baby wallaby, but upon closer inspection they determined the animal was actually a raccoon.

Animal caretakers say the raccoon has an advanced case of mange, but will eventually grow its hair back and look like a normal raccoon.

And so, the mystery is solved…this time!